Tv Host Agreement

April 14, 2021

6.5 Non-compliance. It is an offence to fail to comply with the provisions of this paragraph or to fail to comply with the provisions of this paragraph by third parties or to breach their agreements with producers; provided, however, that the manufacturer, if it receives a written notification from Host of Producer that does not comply with the provisions of this paragraph, makes reasonable efforts to remedy this violation with the positive impressions, DVDs and similar devices of the program manufactured, after the manufacturer has a reasonable period of time after receiving such notification to make such a correction. , and paid advertising, which is produced after the manufacturer has received a reasonable period of time after receiving this notification. Communication within which such a correction must be made. Notwithstanding the above, it is recognized that the manufacturer is not required to produce subsequent prints or then advertise in iron. The manufacturer contractually obliges its third-party distributors of the program to grant guest credits as shown here. commitment. The producer requires Host to provide its exclusive services to the producer for the duration of the contract (agreement) and Host accepts this job and undertakes to fulfill the obligations and obligations of the host of the program, display the length of approximately -1 minute. refers to the act of God, including, but not limited to the firestorm, or other natural disasters; Act of a sovereign act, including, but not limited to the act of war invasion of foreign enemies of hostilities (declared wars or not) War revolt revolt revolution uprising of military power or usurped or confiscation the destruction or destruction of property by or at the behest of a government or public or local authority, or the imposition of the government law order of judgment or sanctions , or similar action to block or have a labour dispute, including, but is not limited to strike lockout or boycott; interruption or interruption of power service, including, but not exclusively, gas-fired electric water or telephone service; Failure to transport personnel equipment machinery or equipment required to manufacture the series by the manufacturer; Lack of state by INDEMNIFICATION. Host undertakes to defend, compensate and retain at all times producers, its subsidiaries, subsidiaries, constituent companies and its senior executives, directors, agents, successors, licensees and beneficiaries of the transfer resulting from a violation of representation. , the guarantee or agreement reached by the host under this agreement.

Host agrees that the producer has the exclusive right to control the defence against such claims, claims or disputes, including the right to choose a lawyer of his choice and to compromise or settle such claims, claims or disputes. The producer undertakes to defend, compensate and compensate Host at any time for any liabilities, losses, receivables, receivables, fees and expenses (including reasonable legal fees and legal costs, regardless of whether a dispute is actually initiated), and to maintain its compensation for its development, production, distribution or use, unless these undertakings result from the violation of this Agreement by the host. OBLIGATIONS TO OTHERS. The host does not have the right or authority to employ any person in any capacity or for the purchase or rental of items or equipment, or a commitment to enter into an agreement or undertaking that requires the manufacturer not to pay any funds or other consideration.