Sample Inventory List Tenancy Agreement

December 17, 2020

So in this climate of aggressive hostility towards the owners, please collect as much detailed visual evidence as possible before the lease. The inventory official disappeared some items damaged by the tenants. I pointed it out to him and he added it to the inventory check-out sent to tenants a few days later. Tenants rehabilitate fees. Are these items, which are not recovered in the original check-out, allowed? NB> the tenants were at the checkout. Usually, if you move into a property without inventory/check-in, you should take pictures and save all items that are damaged. Going to rent a property on a friend say so (they had watched it for 10 minutes, obviously standard time for posting) and the real estate agent`s description of the property sounded ok. Took his word that he needed a little cleaning, so said ok. Paid one year`s rent in advance, agency fees and an amount for the protection of the deposit. As inventory arrived for this two-bedroom style property filled with character. There were 223 pages of hell, so we refused to go back too and asked how to get the money back. We ended after 2 months, phone etc, get our full rent and like deposit money. The brokerage fees were not reimbursed because the brokerage agency used the excuse of paying too much for the inventory and for all the securities.

My point is definitely no money should change hands until a full descriptor inventory is available, so the tenant and broker/owner can discuss any issues that come too easily before taking money. Just a little word of warning, if you paid to skip your tenant`s inventory can take you to court and the judge will give you 3x the amount of the deposit given and you won`t be able to get my inventory through a section 21 agency and felt it was missing in some areas, so I updated it and made it more specific for the individual property I rent. However, if you (as the landlord) and the tenant do a thorough inventory review and make changes, as you both think, and both parties make the changes to each other at that initial time, I do not understand why that would not exist in court. I recently paid an inventory company to do an inventory and I can honestly say that I could have done a better job and saved the $110.00 it cost me! Using an independent inventory recorder to make and document inventory is certainly the recommended option [on homeowners who do it themselves].