December 15, 2020

8.2. No sublicensing, etc. You cannot sub-concede, rent, rent, sell, resell, relocate or serve offers, and any attempt to do so is null and void. (i) Ad Placement – Tracking. The publisher cannot: (1) Place creators or ads in emails; (2) Place creators or ads under the fold, as defined by the IAB; (3) Place more than the three (3) creatives on each side; (4) intentionally placing creators on empty websites or websites without content; (5) Stack Creatives (z.B. place one on top of the other, so that more than two (2) ads are placed side by side; (6) placing creators on unauthorized websites or websites, or in a way that may be misleading to the user; (7) Incentivize offers or create appearance for incentivize offers; (8) Place instructions near ads in which you ask users to “click” on the ad (i.e. “click here”) or “visit” the sponsor (i.e. “please visit our sponsor”); (9) Place misleading statements near the ad (i.e., “You will earn $5,000”); (10) redirect traffic to a site other than the one indicated by the advertiser; (11) Ask users to use ads or offers other than those listed by the advertiser; (12) Use Creatives or enable traffic to these creators by using all downloadable apps without PK4 Media`s prior written permission which, if specified, are subject to the following condition: Creatives provided in authorized downloadable applications can only be displayed once per user session if the app is active, enabled and visible as active and enabled by the end user. Creatives` service at any time, when the downloaded app is not active, is strictly prohibited and causes immediate termination without payment; (13) Use invisible methods to generate impressions, clicks or transactions that are not initiated by the positive action of the end user; (14) Try to modify, modify, delete, conceal or conceal website tags, source codes, links, pixels, modules or any other data provided by PK4 Media or provided by PK4 Media or received by PK4 Media; (15) Provide page-to-page display code via pop-ups/unders; (16) Place the advertising code on unauthorized websites; (17) Present impressions outside of approved geographic objectives. The “supplier-related parties” are the related companies and contractors, the licensees, the licensees and the suppliers of each supplier. A copy of the standard BMI editing agreement can also be verified for

It should be noted that the different terms of agreement may vary. An Advertiser Network`s participation in the network may be interrupted or suspended for a number of reasons, including the expiry or early termination of the advertising contract with the provider, and you may not necessarily receive prior notification that participation by such an Advertiser Network has been suspended or discontinued.