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June 25, 2013

Network Security is used for different systems and businesses. For the past 6+ years, I’ve been using this model in my business. This will also help me gain perspective on the business. As a side benefit, I will be using the same concept for the security review.
Figure 1: A typical Security Review.
First, I’ll talk about what the purpose of the review is. There are different reasons to do this, but in the end, there are 4 main reasons for the Security Review.
1) To Determine The Value Of The Software
This is the first reason. You want to make sure that the software can be used in a manner that is appropriate for the customer’s environment. It’s not that the software can’t be used, but that you should be able to evaluate what you would do to the software with the knowledge that it is being used in an appropriate manner. This will help you to understand if the software is appropriate for the environment, also there are other resources for network management in sites such as

2) To Assess the Software’s Reliability
I think this should be a standard part of a quality assurance program. You must evaluate the software’s reliability at least as frequently as its correctness and must document the results of your evaluation. The problem with having an evaluation program is that it can be slow, it can be confusing and it can be expensive. There is no substitute for knowing how to evaluate software. As a result, I think it should be standard to have a quality assurance program that evaluates the reliability of the software. A good quality assurance program should be available from the vendor or someone who has purchased it.

If you are wondering why you do not use the above mentioned checklist when you write your software, I think it is because most of the companies that do so do not use quality assurance. In fact, the way that I have written my programs for years has been to get the job done and to leave it at that. I try to minimize complexity by writing programs that do not have many features, but I have not had difficulty to find them in any of the hundreds of programs I have written since 1965.

I think that my approach of simplicity in programming has made it possible for me to get more out of my programs than most of my competitors. That is the main reason I have never gone into the “software wars” in the past, and that is why I am not going into the future with any animosity toward anyone.

This is what I mean about the spirit of the matter. I am a “digital-first” artist. It is just that simple.

I don’t claim to be a perfect artist. And in the past, I used to get a bit frustrated by people who thought that was a bad thing. The difference is that now I understand that perfection is impossible to achieve. I think I will stay that way.

I am a passionate “maker” artist. And I love to play with hardware and software. This is what makes me different from the usual guy.

But I know, in the end, that my work is limited and my creations are temporary. There is no stopping. So I have a hard time feeling too much pressure when I work on new things. And I’m not really trying to be a “making artist”. I’m just a guy who likes to make things that I like to see.

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