Microsoft Fabric Assets License Agreement

December 13, 2020
Admin fabric elements (polices, symbols and product logos) are part of the Microsoft brand and can only be used in commercial applications and services that connect to Microsoft products. These include office add-ons, SharePoint web pages and other extensions for Microsoft products. This applies to the use of the assets in the application code itself as well as to all designs created by the toolbox. To disable these assets, you can replace Fabric`s default symbols with a kind of Font Awesome: the use of fluent-UI assets, such as fonts and symbols, is subject to the asset license agreement. In the future, the Office-ui-fabric package will be renamed @fluentui/respond. The @fluentui/React package exists today as a mirror of the public surface of the office-ui-fabric-react API. (Updates are published under both names for at least the duration of version 7.) This allows you to launch a demo page of the office-ui-fabric-react package folder, which opens a web browser with the sample page. You can change the code that automatically creates and updates the page with a live download. Yes! You can certainly use Fabric for this type of application.

However, under the Assets license, which is linked to this license document, assets (polices and symbols) can only be used if the application somehow connects to a Microsoft service. This can be as simple as hosting the app as an Azure Web application. If you want to use fabric-assets (not the components themselves), you must accept this license: you use the word “revocable.” Does this mean that they can revoke my licence at any time? If that is the case, it is terrible. Worse still than the BSD facebook clause. This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. You will find more information in frequently asked questions about the code of conduct or with other questions or comments. EDIT: Nvm You have changed the license of the GitHub repository to be clearer and more restrictive. I am somewhat disappointed All files in the GitHub UI Press archive are subject to the MIT license. Please read the license file in the project`s root directory.

The use of fonts and symbols referenced in Fluent UI React is subject to the terms of the asset license agreement. Fabric Core is also available via npm as desktop-ui-fabric-core, or you can download a copy to include in your project. However, the entire Fabric code (JS, CSS, etc.) is under MIT license and can be used in commercial a-Microsoft products. There is even first-rate support for Selawik, a drop-in open source replacement for Segoe`s user interface. However, there is no substitute for symbolic writing today. Microsoft grants developers a non-exclusive, revocable, global, non-transferable, non-transferable, free license for the use of fabric assets (defined below) or a subset (z.B of the “toolkit”) exclusively for the following purposes: Fluent UI also offers a start-up with Create React App, a popular development group run by the creators of React. Fluent UI React sticks to the semantic version.