Apple Watch Agreement

April 8, 2021

Your use of our services is subject to Apple`s privacy policy, available under Check out the software licensing agreements for the current shipment of Apple products by selecting the corresponding product below. – All other services (including iTunes Store, Apple Music and Apple Podcasts): – For each service, you may have connected up to 10 devices (but only 5 computers at most) at the same time as your Apple ID, although simultaneous streams or content downloads may be limited to a small number of devices, as described below under Apple Music and Apple TV. Each computer must also be licensed with the same Apple ID (to learn more about computer authorization, see Devices can be connected to another Apple ID once every 90 days. You may be able to re-download previously purchased content (“Redownload”) on your devices that are connected with the same Apple ID (“Associated Devices”). You can view on the types of content available for the new download in your home country. Content may not be available for a new download if that content is no longer available on our services. Apps made available through the App Store will be granted and not sold. Your license for each application is subject to prior approval of this end-of-year license license agreement (“STANDARD EULA”) or a personalized end-user license agreement between you and the application provider (“Custom EULA”), if one of them is provided. Your license for an Apple application under this standard CLA or custom CLA is granted by Apple, and your license for any third-party application under this standard CLA or custom CLA is granted by the application provider of that third-party application.

Each application submitted to this C.A.C.A. is called a “licensed application.” The app provider or Apple (“licensee”) reserves all rights to and from the licensed application that was not expressly granted to you under this standard BUM. – Third-party applications: terms of services, types of content, functions or functions that are not available in your home country do not apply to you unless they are available to you. To view the types of content available to you in your home country, visit the services or check with