October 16, 2016

SEO is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. It is easy to understand why SEO is so important to your business. The top search engine companies like Victorious see an average of six billion search requests per day, with more than three billion visits to websites and four billion people clicking on ads each month.

Your content something that you have created and which is important to your brand can become your greatest asset. So, what should you do to get your content noticed, and found by these search engines? A reliable SEO company similar to SEO Edmonton services provides top marketing solutions to help get your business to the top of Google search results!

Using Google Analytics is the first step to establishing a clear plan. You should establish your goals first and decide how much work is needed to achieve them. Your goal should be achievable in the shortest amount of time. If it is not, you should redo it. If you need to invest time, you need to ensure you are getting the results that you were hoping for.

After establishing your goals, you will need to decide what you want to achieve with your analytics and why. If you plan to use your data to find out which are the content strategies that perform best, you will need to establish which of your content strategies you can improve. Which ones you can optimize or abandon entirely. There are hundreds of Google Analytics functions that can help you measure your efforts. Find out which ones are most effective for you and how you can apply them to your content strategy.

Once you’ve chosen your goals, you should also decide what you want to measure. This can include page views, bounce rate, cost per view, referrer count, cost per referrer, time spent on the page, etc. Most analytics providers have tools to help you manage these goals in your analytics account.

At this point you may have decided that you want to do some statistical analysis of your content, and get an idea of its performance. Statistics are important. With this information you can figure out which strategies to use in your content strategy, and what the results should look like. So, here’s an overview of what the top search engines see when they index your website.

What search engines see when they index your website

Basic Information:


-Bounce rate


-Cost per view

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